Bonnie Springs Development Near Red Rock National Park - Las Vegas Real Estate

Bonnie Springs Ranch, nestled between the quaint town of Blue Diamond, and Red Rock National Park in West of Las Vegas’ Valley has been contracted for purchase by developers. Many Las Vegas locals are upset, recalling their childhood memories of riding the train to the petting zoo and old mining town recreation. We are loosing a bit of Nevada history, a family outing that provides something of value to those looking for a fun family afternoon with a bit of historical culture for the area.

We’re also loosing a bit of the pristine natural wilderness and the feeling of being ‘out there in the desert.’ One thing is certain, Las Vegas has always developed from the center, out. As time goes on, the newer suburbs are always being built out where ‘just a few years ago there was nothing but one road, and open wilderness.’ As you move to the center of the city, the older homes become a bit of a time capsule, as my broker, Jack LeVine at employs a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor with our still relatively young city while promoting the benefits of these older homes. Things like bigger backyards, unique mid-century architecture, and central proximity to the vibrant energy of our entertainment capital. If you were to look at a maps of the Las Vegas area throughout the decades you would see these concentric circles of development.

Many families have been flocking out to Bonnie Springs Ranch for another visit, one last chance to enjoy the site of their childhood memories. We were among those visiting last weekend, taking our one year old son even though he likely won’t remember. We wanted to at least give him the experience while we could. It was great to spend the day with some friends & family enjoying the glimpse of Nevada’s past, but I can’t say I’m upset that the nature of development is taking it’s course. Maybe not everyone will be in the market for one of these 2-3 acre home sites, but on a macro level, if development weren’t to take place, competition for homes would be outrageous as supply and demand would drive home prices through the roof.

At the end of the day, what we have is a seller wanting to sell, a buyer wanting to buy, and we wound up with a situation that is much better than it could have been. This proposed development will be much less crowded that previous proposed developments in the area have been. Yes, we’ll be loosing a piece of our history, but the area will be much more open than even zoning would allow.

There will be restrictions on what can be built there aimed at preserving the natural beauty of the area, including a lack of fencing around each home site’s perimeter as is so common in our more dense subdivision tracts in town. Also at least 8.5 acres of the land is planned to remain public use. More of details can be found here: