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With phenomenal work by Las Vegas area native, Anne M. Creative we’re very proud to be rolling out new yard signs in the Very Vintage Vegas Realty brokerage style.  While the majority of Anne’s work is now in the web design arena, her skills for print are still evident in this work.

You’ll notice two subtle things: 1. Jack’s color scheme plays well with my last name (anything we can do to help buyers remember YOUR home when they see 6 that day, helps us get more offers & sell for more money) and 2. This sign isn’t designed for you, as a client looking to sell your house.  It’s welcoming your buyer to their new home, gently guiding them into picturing their new life there.  One of the many subtle, yet effective shifts in our perspective when marketing your home for a quick and top-dollar sale.  To hear more about how we can differentiate our services from so many licensed agents in Las Vegas, and to get a clear picture of what you can expect to net from your home sale, contact me here.  If you’d like to connect with Anne for design services, you can reach her at her website