fbpx Listed on Monday, in Contract on Wednesday, Closed for 100% of Appraised Value! - Las Vegas Real Estate

My listing in Arden Park had a lot going for it. The sellers had already purchased their new home, always kept it clean & well maintained, and they were realistic about their asking price. They didn’t imagine the Raiders football team hoisting their home’s value through the clouds. They were open to hearing what homes in the neighborhood had actually sold for, how long those listings took to sell, and implementing a plan to quickly sell for maximum profit.

Being right on the border between two neighborhoods, with very different valuations, they understood a professional who can extrapolate the data into a real asking price that will motivate offers can make all the difference. The average days Listing to Close for the area is 89 days. We sold at 45 days LTC with an in-contract extension to make some repairs to satisfy the 1st-time (but well qualified) home buyers; almost 1/2 the average time from putting it up for sale to collecting a good check!

How were we able to beat the market timing by almost 50%? First & foremost, be realistic with your pricing. Believe the data, trust your agent, and if you want to ask for $1,000,000.00 for a 3 bed/2.5 bath home in an area comps go for 1/3 of that, don’t be upset when I tell you I lack the experience to satisfy your desires.

Second, make sure your agent is willing to put in the time and money to properly market your property. If there aren’t professional photos, and other plans to have your home professionally marketed, you may want to keep interviewing agents. Every agent will have their own plan to move your particular sale along, but if it consists of a few iPhone photos & minimal, generic data entered into the MLS, don’t expect miracles. Look for an agent who can target the best audience for your sale, get in their shoes and write copy that speaks to their benefit in buying your home.

Third, be sure your agent can evaluate offers made. Reading the entirety of the contract, pointing out things that make the offer stronger, weaker, or more beneficial for your situation is something any good agent should be able to do for you. Being able to negotiate the points that make the sale a real win for you is something you should receive in exchange for the listing commission. Knowing how much leverage you have to negotiate given the market statistics for the area is one of the benefits of working with a good Realtor.

If you or anyone you know is looking to sell a home in Las Vegas, NV I’d be happy to help. You can contact me here.