Bidding Wars? On Homes Like Yours! - Las Vegas Real Estate

Did you know properly priced, well marketed homes near you have buyers literally lining up to make offers? Did you know not everyone is getting what their home could sell for?

Get started, with a free estimate of your home’s value. Just input the data onto This Form. I know you have Zillow. My last client just beat the Automated Valuation Model Estimates by $38,000.00 before it even went to market! Would you like to do the same?

We analyze appraisals Zillow, other AVM estimates, & even many other agents can not to keep a pulse on the appraiser’s opinion of value. I’ve developed a unique method for accurate valuations that get you more money than algorithms & more than agents who don’t understand it!

How are we getting you the best price?

As I write, we have only 1,790 single family homes available in Las Vegas! So why are we still working so hard marketing your home? Because when done properly, the returns on that marketing can be astronomical in this market! We’re not letting the market do our work; we’re working the market to fill your pockets.

We’re seeing buyers agree to pay cash over appraisal when sale conditions are dialed in. In some cases, they are even waiving the appraisal just to win the bid for your home! We’re now seeing more than three time average appreciation per year in the Southwest. You may have even more equity than you think. Find Out Here!

*If you are currently in contract with a broker, disregard this information*