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What an appreciation ride! While we saw about 18%-25% annual appreciation through much of the Las Vegas over the last 2 years, we’re seeing it begin to level off now as the FED pumps the brakes by raising rates. If this is the right time for you to consider selling, contact me for a free analysis of how much you should sell for & a variety of cash offers, some of which will give you up to a year of lease back if you like!

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Looking to sell? Get My Cash Offer & see how it compares to your time & proceeds from the open market! I have buyers that will:

  • Buy your home in cash
  • Buy your home & lease it back to you for up to a year
  • Front you most of your equity to buy a new home before you move out and let you keep the extra equity if it sells for more when you move!
  • Many other solutions most agents don’t even know are possible!