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Should I Wait For ‘The Crash’ To Buy A Home In Las Vegas?

Many buyers got priced out, or emotionally exhausted trying to purchase a home this year & will continue renting instead. This specifically impacted 1st time buyers, who hadn’t realized appreciation in a home they’d previously purchased. It can be exhausting, writing offers & not getting one accepted. My clients who don’t have a large ‘over appraisal’ budget, or 20% down have been able to purchase beautiful homes. (You only need a minimum of 3% down by the way.) Right now in Fall of 2021, it’s even easier as much of your competition just signed a 1+ year lease, rates are still low, & you have a game plan that’s been proven in the most demanding market below.

Vegas Buyers Get Ten Thousand In Instant Equity! Is The Market Shifting?

The State Of The Market If you’ve been shopping for a home this year, you probably know it can be vicious out there. Almost 1/3 of the homes recently sold to out of state buyers. Many of those buyers are coming from the West costal area. They have plenty of sale proceeds to pay over

The Little-Known Secret of a Mortgage Recast, And How to Use it To Time The Real Estate Market

While over the long haul, home values will always go up due to inflationary pressure on the value of a dollar, we understand that there are times each year when homes are at a premium due to demand.  Yes, there are cycles (usually around 16 years for a complete cycle) of up-swing and down-swing on home values, but most of us can’t plan our major life events (births, deaths, job-changes, relocation, marriage, divorce, or inheritance, etc.)  around these larger market conditions.  What we can do is capitalize on the seasonal trends throughout the year we find our life demanding a change.