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This is important, please take a moment & let your voice be heard. In addition to returning the post card mailed to you by Clark County, you can email your opinion to: Zoningmeeting@clarkcountynv.gov Please include the following in your reply: The Application number is: NZC-20-0545 & Owner of the parcel is: ME 52 Partners, LLC, The parcel #’s: 176-34-601-006; 176-34-601-011, and include any item on the application concerning you.

February 2nd, 2021 at 7:00pm a Zoning Change, Use Permit, & Waiver of Development Standards application will be heard by the county. This is regarding a zoning change to reclassify 8.6 acres on Rainbow between Erie & Levi.

How’s It Zoned Now? R-E, Rural Estates, Residential

The land is currently Zoned R-E (Rural Estates Residential – This zoning allows for only 1 home per 1/2 acre), RUD (Residential Urban Density). This allows for 14 dwelling units on each acre, P-C (Planned Community Overlay District).

30.40.060 – Purpose of R-E, Rural Estates, Residential District.

This district is established for areas particularly suited for low density residential uses and to the raising of crops and of a limited number of animals for noncommercial purposes. See Table 30.56-2A for additional design standards.

What are they requesting? RUD (Residential Urban Density) – Dense housing that may negatively impact your home’s value.

The proposed changes are to replace the 1 home per half-acre zoning with zoning allowing 14 dwelling units per acre! That’s a huge difference in the proposed traffic, noise, & general density of our neighborhood. The Residential Rural Estates will become RUD (Residential Urban Density), and MORE RUD (Residential Urban Density), P-C (Planned Community Overlay District). More changes proposed are a USE PERMIT for an attached townhouse development, A WAIVER OF DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS to reduce the setbacks for residential units to the street.

30.40.120 – Purpose of RUD, Residential Urban Density District.

This district is established to provide for the development of compact single-family residential development and to prohibit the development of incompatible uses that are detrimental to the residential environment.

What can you do about it?

Please return the post card you should have received in the mail with the checkbox for your opposition or support marked. You may also provide your opposition to (or support of) this plan by e-mailing here: Zoningmeeting@clarkcountynv.gov. Please include the following in your reply: The Application number: NZC-20-0545. The owner of the parcel: ME 52 Partners, LLC. Any item on the application concerning you that you may be in opposition to.

Due to the Governor’s Directive, the actual meeting may not be open to the public. I should note, in attempting to retrieve the application for land use documents from the county, I was not able to find the application either.

Read more about zoning & what these changes could mean to your neighborhood. You may access the Clark County Municipal Code Library here. Quotes & links above refer back to the same. I hope you find this useful & thank you for taking the time to consider your home’s equity!