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We just helped Debbie & Peter purchase a home in Spanish Trail; a gorgeous, well-established golf course community here in Las Vegas, NV. I’d spoken with Debbie, who was a referral from a friend of mine. She’s his mother & was looking to move to Las Vegas to be closer to her new grandson. Her husband also just got a relocation here with his company. There are a lot of great reasons to move to Las Vegas. Lower taxes & more affordable housing is a big one we’re seeing from many Californians making the move. For Debbie & Peter, being close to family, having the job-relocation opportunity, & being able to say goodbye to those frozen New York winters were main motivators.

We’d done all the leg work to figure out what she & Peter were looking for in a new home, had her pre-qualified with Charles Christmas at Gold Star Financial, and were prepared to make a confidant offer when the right home appeared. Something low maintenance, secure, and comfortably appointed with great amenities were all on the top of the list. Fortunately, Spanish Trail community was not only checking all these boxes, it was a short drive from family already in town.

Debbie’s son & I had walked a few properties together, using Facetime to give a live feed to Debbie and Peter, while her son gave commentary on how he thought the space & design elements would

match our client’s taste & requirements. If anything caught their eye, or needed further inspection we were able to be their eyes, hands & “boots on the ground” for real-time answers to any questions.

This turned out to be a powerful combination of inputs & we were able to find the perfect home for Debbie & Peter & lock it under contract with both of them literally on the other side of the country. We made sure to make a strong offer, but with a due-diligence period that allowed Debbie to come out in person to be sure this one was just right before their earnest money deposit become non-refundable. I was able to quickly book an inspection with Home Pride Inspections the day after we got into contract, to be sure there were no major issues with the property negating the usefulness of a flight out to see it. Everything looked good.

Debbie flew out and we viewed the property for her in person. Turns out it was just perfect and “felt like home.” We arranged for a mobile notary to accommodate the signing for them in New York through Terri-Ann Peterson with Fidelity National Title. As always, no matter how complex the transaction, Terri’s team was on-point and closed the deal three days before our contract required (and 1 day before our clients left the country for a much needed vacation!)

It’s worth noting, we were very close to offering on a model-match for slightly more, that was in great shape, but hadn’t been updated AT ALL since being built over 20 years ago. On the day we were about to write that offer, using a comp-search to be sure we were making the right offer, we found this property had just been reduced about $30,000.00! It was totally rehabbed & updated with new appliances, flooring, HVAC, Tankless water heater, and floor plan remodels Debbie & Peter wanted to do anyway.. We got it under contract for $2,000.00 LESS than our initial property of interest. We wound up getting them such a good deal, our lender didn’t even require an appraisal on the property!!

Who do you know that could use service like this when looking to relocate to Las Vegas, or buying here in town? Please forward this to them & have them contact me here. Nothing makes us more satisfied than doing such a good job we earn your referrals!